• Be on time. All players should be ready to go on the ice at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the game. Failure to be on time may penalize your team.  If you are unable to curl a specific game, find your own substitutes and notify your Skip of the change.
  • Please help keep the ice clean by wiping your shoes before going on the ice.
  • Be ready to deliver your stone when your turn comes. Get into the hack immediately after the preceding player is in the hack or studying their shot.  Stand quietly and motionless to the side of the sheet between the hog lines when an opposing player is in the hack or studying their shot.
  • After sweeping the stone, go immediately to the sides. Do not return to the hacks by walking down the center of the ice.  Please do not drag the broom on the ice when not sweeping a stone since particles from your broom may cause debris for the next shot
  • Be courteous to players on other sheets of ice and do not disrupt their games.  Sweepers are to leave the house as soon as they have swept the stone.
  • Curling is a team sport. All members of the team should concentrate on the play of the game. 
  • Please take good care of the ice, stones and equipment.  Please do not drink or eat on the ice.  Should you be practicing, replace the stones as they were when you started.
  • Courteous behavior is expected at all times.